CandleCandle. To be used for mainly good ceremonies, and some bad ones. Kevin is a good natured fellow, who likes dark stuff as much as I.

Snow LionTibetan Snow Lion. He wanted it to have a fierce, yet unconditionally cheerful look to it. Kind of like the look on his face when I lined the lotus in his elbow ditch.

Mudra copy Aaron, a client friend of mine asked me to draw him a tattoo design without any idea to guide me. He gave me an album to listen to for inspiration. This is what came out of the ether and onto the page. There were some interesting happening around this piece that made us both believe that it was meant to be. One of the most meaningful tattoos I’ve been a part of.

JoelMy good friend Joel who is the other artist at my new shop “Brass Tacks Tattoo”, asked me to add to his existing tattoos. The eagle and panther are not my work, but you can see that the claw and the webs are a new addition. I tried out the new stencil machine for the eagle foot, and drew the webs on with a marker.